Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MyCinemaHall ?

MyCinemaHall is a virtual cinema hall. Like a cinema hall, you can go to MyCinemaHall, buy a ticket and watch a movie. The only difference is that MyCinemaHall is in your Android mobile phone. You can watch a movie anytime, anywhere.

How is MyCinemaHall different from other OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hoichoi etc. ?

  • For Viewer

    There is no monthly or annual subscription for MyCinemaHall. You only buy tickets for what you watch.

  • For Producer / Film Maker

    Other OTT follow a subscription model where the viewers have to pay a monthly or annual subscription. You as a producer will have to give your OTT rights to the platform. In My Cinema, you are using the platform like a cinema hall. You will allow MyCinemaHall to run your film on a non-exclusive Theatrical rights. You retain all rights. You give a license to MyCinemaHall to show your movie.

How do I get MyCinemaHall on my mobile ?

Go to Google Play store, search for MyCinemaHall and install. Register using your phone number or email id, verify through OTP.

How much do I have to pay to download/install and register ?

All these are absolutely free.

What if I buy a ticket and my phone does not play ?

Send a mail to [email protected] with your ticket number. We will fix it or refund your money.

Can I pause during the cinema ?

Yes. You can pause as many times you want. You can play the movie as many times you want within 48 hours from the time you buy the ticket.

Is there a specific time I need to watch the movie ?

No. You can watch it any time within 48 hours of buying the ticket.

What is the price of a ticket ?

MyCinemaHall plays Feature Films, Short Films, Plays (Natok), Documentaries, Music Videos. Each movie has different prices. It can be as low as Rs 20 or 25 or 50 or 100 or even more. Click on the movie/play you want to watch. It will show the ticket price.

How do I buy a ticket ?

Click on “Buy ticket”. It will give you various options like Credit/Debit Card, Bank transfer, PayTM, etc.

Can I buy tickets from outside India ?

Yes. You have an option of paying in USD.

How do I stream/play my movie/short-film/play on MyCinemaHall ?

Log in as a Producer (register as a Producer if you are visiting for the first time). You will have option of uploading your film. The site will direct you step by step. You will have to upload a Trailer, Posters (in given format), Synopsis, List of Cast & Crew, some still shots, CBFC certificate (if you have one) and the film.

How much do I have to pay to run my movie on MyCinemaHall ?

You will have to pay a nominal hosting charge for the first week. The hosting charge for a feature film (more than 45 minutes) is Rs 2500 and the same for a short film (45 minutes or less) or play or documentaries of music videos is Rs 250. This amount is also partly refundable. For the first Rs 2500 revenue of your feature film (or Rs 250 reveue of your short film), MyCinemaHall will waive its commission.

Can I withdraw my movie from MyCinemaHall ?

After the first week, you will have the right to withdraw your film with a notice of 3 days (72 hrs).

How will you ensure that there is no piracy ?

MyCinemaHall uses our own encryption technology which ensures that the film cannot be downloaded or copies. Screen shot or copy is deactivated. The viewer can watch the movie only from the device where the ticket has been purchased.

How long will the movie run on MyCinemaHall ?

MyCinemaHall guarantees a minimum screening for 7 days. After the first week, depending on the ticket sales, it can be extended further.

Who will market my movie ?

MyCinemaHall will make basic announcements about new releases and movies running on MyCinemaHall on social media platforms. The responsibility of marketing the film is with the producer.

How do I contact MyCinemaHall ?

Please write to [email protected] . We will get back to you.