Frequently asked questions for film-makers.


How do I show my movie/short film/play on my CinemaHall?

Log-in as a Producer (register as a Producer if you are visiting for the first time). You will have option of uploading your film. The site will direct you step by step. You will have to upload a trailer, Posters (in given format), a synopsis, list of Cast & Crew, some still shots, CBFC certificate (if you have one) and the film. Please refer to ‘How it works' for greater clarity of the process.


How is my CinemaHall different from any other OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hoichoi, MX Player, Airtel Xtreme, Vodafone play?

Other OTT follow a “subscription model where the viewers have to pay a monthly or annual subscription. You as a producer will have to give your OTT rights to the platform. In my CinemaHall, you are using the platform like a cinema hall. You will allow my CinemaHall to run your film on a non-exclusive Theatrical rights. You retain all rights. You give a license to my CinemaHall to show your movie for the said period.


How much do I have to pay to run my movie on my CinemaHall?

As in a classic theatre exhibition model, you will have to pay a nominal screen/ hall rental charges and you will earn the revenue share from the ticket sales. The hosting charge for a feature film (more than 45 minutes) is Rs 5000 and the same for a short film (45 minutes or less) or play or documentaries of music videos is Rs 500. The ticket sale revenue share is 70:30 – 70% is producer's share and 30% is my CinemaHall's share.


Can I engage with my CinemaHall through other working models?

Yes, we offer 2 other working models.

  • Screen Hire that can be used for private screening – we will charge only the screen/ hall rent and the revenue from the ticket sales will be completely yours.
  • Exclusive Arena – a separate section is created with multiple screens and with your branding. Its relevant for an event where multiple films are shown like a film festival or for a production house that have multiple films to showcase.


Can I withdraw my movie from my CinemaHall?

After the first week, you will have the right to withdraw your film with a notice of 3 days (72 hrs). However, if there is a ticket of your movie that has been sold and will remain valid beyond the withdrawal deadline then you are bound to show that movie to the viewer and therefore the withdrawal deadline may get extended.


How will you ensure that there is no piracy?

my CinemaHall uses the state-of-art prevention techniques of the present times. It uses screen-copy prevention technique, download prevention technique and a dynamic watermark to prevent piracy. Screen shot or copy is also deactivated. The viewer can watch the movie only from the device where the ticket has been purchased.


How long will the movie run on my CinemaHall?

my CinemaHall guarantees a minimum screening for 7 days. After the first week, depending on the ticket sales, it can be extended further.


Who will market my movie?

my CinemaHall will make basic announcements about new releases and movies running on my CinemaHall on social media platforms. The responsibility of marketing the film is with the producer.


How do I contact my CinemaHall?

Please write to [email protected]. We will get back to you.