Privacy Policy

my CinemaHall is a brand owned by MyCinemaHall, a company registered under the Company’s Act 2013.

This Privacy Policy page describes how MyCinemaHall collects, stores, and processes information from the user and visitors of (“Website”), its Mobile sites & its Applications (apps). Please note that for this Privacy Policy, wherever the context so demands, terms "Platform”, We", "Us" and "Our" shall mean the Website(s), Mobile site(s) and App(s) of My CinemaHall and its related and "You" or "Your" shall mean Visitors, Viewers and Customers including Producers. Personal Information of User(s) is collected if the User(s) registers on our Website(s) and App(s), visits the Website(s) and App(s), or takes any action on the Website(s) or App(s). Your use of our services accessible on our Website(s) and App(s) is deemed that you consent to our collection, storage, and processing of your Personal Information. Please note that providing us with your personal information is your choice. We at My CinemaHall encourage you to read our Privacy Policy before giving us any information whatsoever. By visiting our Website(s), Mobile Site(s) or App(s), or opting to download the App or upload your film, you hereby agree with this Privacy Policy and the contents within. This Privacy Policy will not apply to any third-party website(s), mobile site(s) and App (s), even if they are linked to my CinemaHall in any form. We recommend all users to note that Privacy Practices of our partners, advertisers, or other associated sites which find a mention or hyperlink on our Website(s) and App(s), may be significantly different from our Privacy Policy and Practices. We at My CinemaHall, suggest you to review the Privacy Policies of any such third-party website or product.

Collection of Personal Information

As a visitor to our Website(s) and App(s), you can perform a series of activities without providing us with your Personal Information. However, when you register yourself on our Website(s) or App(s), we collect certain information provided by you that includes Personal Information like your name, phone number and email address. Device Information from where you have registered such as the computer, mobile devices, smart TVs, set-top boxes, and other streaming devices. Location Information available in the public domai. Social Media details and anything that is sourced from any open platform. Device and software feature such as type and configuration, IP address, statistics on page views, connection information, referral URLs, browser and standard log information. Information about your activities on My CinemaHall Website(s) and App(s), such as title selections, search queries and watch history. Your communication with us such as our email interactions, texts, and push notification engagements. Details of your interactions with our customer support, such as chat transcripts, call recordings, phone numbers, date and time. Device IDs or other unique identifiers. Information collected via cookies, web beacons and other related technologies, including but not limited to ad data. Demographic information including but not limited to your job description, company details and anything that you associate with your my CinemaHall account or your Social Media profiles. Information made available to us by our partners: We collect some information from other companies you may have an association with. These companies or service providers shall be termed as partners here. Depending on what services you use, these partners may be your or Internet service provider, TV manufacturer, streaming media device providers, mobile phone carriers, companies that provide services to you and collect payment for My CinemaHall and voice assistant platforms.

Use of Information

My CinemaHall collects your personal information to provide our services to you, fulfil our legal obligations, to improve your overall experience on our platform and to improve our services. Please note that at My CinemaHall, we do not rent, sell or share your personal information to or with anyone other than as revealed here in this Privacy Policy. My CinemaHall may use the information provided by you to:

  • Validate and provide access to our Website(s) and Mobiles App(s), and services.
  • To process your purchase requests.
  • Send you confirmation messages.
  • Send you requested service information.
  • To contact you regarding offers, promotions, consumer surveys, assist you with operational requests such as password reset requests.
  • To offer technical support or other benefits to you.
  • To manage your account.
  • To analyse your account and help you with optimized content, customized notifications and serve your suggestions.
  • To coordinate with Partners on making the My CinemaHall service available to members and providing information to non-members about the availability of the My CinemaHall service, based on the specific relationship you have with the Partner.
  • To counter any fraudulent and illegal activities and help an investigation carried out by a competent authority such as the government officials and officials with court orders.

Disclosure of Information

We disclose your personal information to third parties to ensure uninterrupted service delivery to you, fulfil our legal obligations, enhance your viewing experience and help you with offers, as detailed out below: Service Providers: Over service delivery to you is a result of a collective effort put in by My CinemaHall and its partner (“Service Providers”). These Service Providers help us in many ways including but not limited to streaming services, website(s) and app(s) management, payment collection, marketing, branding, surveys, promotions and operation purposes. We may have to reveal your personal information to these service providers to ensure you get a better experience here at My CinemaHall. Please note that these Service Providers follow the industry-standard privacy practices to the best of our knowledge and you can go through their Privacy Policies to see for yourself. Please note that these service providers are responsible for their own privacy practices and no way My CinemaHall can be held responsible for their data protection failures.

Protection of My CinemaHall and others interests: My CinemaHall and its Service Providers may reveal and use your personal information where we or our partners reasonably believe that such disclosure is needed to :

  • Fulfil legal obligations, satisfy regulation or governmental orders.
  • Enforce established law, including but not limited to investigation of potential violations.
  • Spot and address illegal or suspicious activities, or
  • Protect against any threat to harm public or personal property, safety and security, safety of my CinemaHall and its users.
  • Business transfers: In connection with any company or brand restructuring, reorganisation, merger or sale, or any related transfer of assets, we shall be liable to transfer your personal information, provided that the receiving party agrees to protect and respect your personal information in ways that are consistent with our Privacy Practices.

Access to Account and Profiles

For ease of access to your account, you can use the "Remember me on this device" function when you log in to our Website. This function uses technology that enables us to provide direct account access and to help administer the My CinemaHall service without requiring re-entry of any password or other user identification when your browser revisits the service. To remove access to your My CinemaHall account from your devices: (a) visit the "Account" section of our website, choose "Sign out of all devices," and follow the instructions to deactivate your devices (note, deactivation may not occur immediately) or (b) delete your My CinemaHall settings from your device (steps vary by device and the option is not available on all devices). We recommend all our users to log out from their My CinemaHall accounts from all shared or of public devices immediately after they leave those devices. Also, when you sell or return a computer(s) or mobile device(s) or My CinemaHall ready device(s), you should log out and deactivate the device before doing so we also, recommend our users to not allow any other person to visit the account section of your My CinemaHall account to prevent any data security threats to take place.

Your Choices

Email and Text Messages. You can always opt-out from our email list if you no longer wish to receive our offer-related emails and updates by selecting the appropriate portions available in the email. We shall take our time and take your name and email address off our newsletter and email database.

Push Notifications. You can choose to receive mobile push notifications from My CinemaHall and control it. On some devices, you will be automatically enrolled for the notifications. At any point, if you do not wish to receive notifications from My CinemaHall, you can use your device's settings functionality to turn them off.

Interest-Based Ads. Interest-based ads represent a form of online advertisement that are displayed basis your likely interests. These ads are based on your use of various apps and websites across the Internet and assessed electronically after collecting required data through the use of cookies to show the ads that might suit your interests. For further details about interest-based ads from My CinemaHall, you can visit the Cookies Policies of the concerned advertising agency.

Matched Identifier Communications. Some third-party websites, apps and platforms allow us to reach our users with digital promotions about our titles and services by helping with a privacy-protective identifier to the third-party. This privacy-protective identifier and its practice mean that we convert your original information into a random value or otherwise to prevent your original information from being disclosed. Please note that the third-party compares the privacy-protective identifier to identifiers in its existing database. In this exercise, there will be a match only in case you have used the same information such as your email ID with My CinemaHall and the third party in question. If there is a match, My CinemaHall will choose whether or not to send a given promotional communication to you on that third-party site or app.

Your Information and Rights

You can request access us to grant you access to your personal information, correct the same or update whenever you feel like. You can easily do this by visiting the "Account" section of our website after you are logged in to your account. You have the option to access and update your information such as your contact information. Please note that you can always write to us to our Privacy Officer [email protected] in case you have any issues regarding this Privacy Policy.


Please note that we at My CinemaHall, use reasonable administrative and managerial measures to safeguard your personal information against theft, loss and unauthorized access, and modification. These measures have the sole purpose of guarding your personal information against any potential threat to your personal information.

Other Websites, Platforms and Applications

My CinemaHall services may be delivered to you through and/or utilize features including but not limited voice controls operated by third-party websites, Apps or platforms, or contain links to sites operated by third parties that might have substantially different Privacy Practices than ours are. We recommend you to go through the Privacy Policies of such third-party platforms. Please note that My CinemaHall will not responsible for any compromise with your Personal Information by such third-party platforms.


To subscribe to the My CinemaHall services you must be 18 years of age or older. In certain jurisdictions, the age limit may be older than 18 years, in such cases, you must satisfy the required age limit to become a subscriber. Those who are yet to attain an age of 18 years or the required age, will need their parents’ or legal guardians’ involvement and supervision to do so.

Changes to This Privacy Statement

My CinemaHall reserves the right to partially change, amend or entirely change this Privacy Policy from time to time to fulfil its legal obligations and ensure it is consistent with the industry standards. Please visit our Privacy Policy Page regularly see updates.

Cookies and Internet Advertising

My CinemaHall and its Partners also called as Service Providers use cookies and other related technologies such as web beacons and resettable device identifiers. This is done for various reasons including but not limited to learn more about your browsing behaviour, search preferences, likely interests, and to deliver customized marketing or advertising.